Z 1 B O O K S


Z1Books was build for businesses like yours.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Online Payments

Our System Supports Simple Simple payments (Strie and Paypal) from customers No need to go to their End

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Manage Customer Details with easy with just a couple of clicks

Product | Service Management

Create unlimited Products from you settings to unable you to work faster.

Unlimited Reports

With a Single click get access to Account Statement, Detailed Income Report, Transfer Report, Incomes Vs Expense.

Inventory Management

Product Purchase and Supliers helps you see details of your Inventory.

Product Purchase Order

Add Purchase of your order to track when you are to make payments to your supliers.

Purchase Return

Initiate Purchase Return to affect Accounts.

Sales Return

Our sales return allows customers to retrun products when after buying this.

Invoice & Quotation

With Invoice & Quotation create Invoice & Quotation and send it to client theorugh their emails with few clicks.

Accept Direct Payment from Client

Accept payment from clients in realtime.


Manage Incomes/Deposit for Accounts for multiple accounts.

Expense Management

Enter all your expense on a Single platform to generate unlimited reports.

Recurring Transaction

If you have a recurring transaction dont worry our system will manage that for you..

Supplier Management

Know all your suppliers locationa nd contact details when you need them.

Unlimited Staff Management

Add Unlimited Staffs to your account and assign them to user privilages.

Dynamic Access Control

Our Dynamic Access Control allows use to restrict user to a particular task.

Tax Settings

Depending on our Contry and Organiztion policies our system allow you to set your own Tax.

Email Template

Our Email Templte allow you to notify customer on newly created invoice, payment dues and payment recieved

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